Saxo Tenor Yamaha YTS-380

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Producte pel mercat Japonés entre el YTS-480,i el YTS-280

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Saxo Tenor Intermig Yamaha YTS-380 ( Producte pel mercat Japonés entre el YTS-480,i el YTS-280)


LowB-C # (2-3) contact

The newly designed low C # key is close to certainty, uniformity of tone and sound of the bass has improved markedly.


With an adjustable screw stopper, the appearance of a professional use model inheritance.


The mechanism that is mounted on the left side Shisokii, I was successful in improving feeling of blowing, smooth playability.

Movable finger hook

At an adjustable finger hook and angle up and down position, it is comfortable burden is not applied to the fingers for playing the long-term.


Semi Hard Case way to hold two brief bag, backpack styles are possible.







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